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Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a town in the district of Ansbach of Mittelfranken (Middle Franconia), the Franconia region of Bavaria, Germany, well known for its well-preserved medieval old town, a destination for tourists from around the world. In the Middle Ages, it was an Imperial Free City. Traffic-reducing measures are in place in a significant portion of Rothenburg.

The name "Rothenburg ob der Tauber" means, in German, "Red fortress above the Tauber". This is so because the town is located on a plateau overlooking the Tauber River. As to the name "Rothenburg", some say it comes from the German words Rot (Red) and Burg (burgh, medieval fortified town), referring to the red colour of the roofs of the houses which overlook the river. The name may also refer to the process of retting ("rotten" in German) flax for linen production.

Ducking stool at the medieval Criminal Museum
The Criminal Museum (Kriminalmuseum) is the most important German legal museum and gives an insight into judicial punishment over the last 1000 years. Exhibits include instruments of torture, shrew's fiddles, scold's bridles, medieval legal texts and guidance on witch trials.
Imperial City Museum ([2]) (Reichsstadtmuseum) with the municipal collections and a very important weapon collection
Doll and Toy Museum (Puppen- und Spielzeugmuseum)
Schäfertanz Museum
Christmas Museum (Weihnachtsmuseum)
Craft House (Handwerkerhaus) which shows the everyday life of craftsmen's families in Rothenburg in 11 rooms.
Historical vaulting and state dungeon

The Holy Blood reredos in the town church of St. James, made from 1500 to 1505
St. James' Church with its Holy Blood reredos by Tilman Riemenschneider, another Riemenschneider altar (Altar of the Holy Cross) is in the Detwang church.
Town wall
Spital bastion
St. Wolfgang's Church by the Klingentor gate (fortified church)
Great hall of the castle (St. Blasius' Chapel)
Toppler Castle in the Tauber valley
Double bridge over the Tauber
The Wildbad Rothenburg was built between 1898 and 1903 by Friedrich Hessing as a spa hotel. Since 1982 it has been used as an Evangelical conference centre.
Historic town hall with clock tower and Meistertrunk clock
Altes Brauhaus
Castle Gate (Burgtor).
Old Smithy
Old Town Hall
Franciscan church

Medieval Town Tour Rothenburg

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